Being Single: Does my star sign fit me?

I’m a Leo. My birthday is 13th August. Lot of friends who do star signs etc say I am a typical Leo. Leo’s have a big heart. Leo’s put other people ahead of me. Leo has deep love, trust and dedication to people who I love. Leo’s are determined to stay true to who they are but often neglect themselves and struggle to move forward.

Searching on Pinterest I spotted more Leo signs and who Leo’s are as a person. Today I can honestly say that I really haven’t grown up and I definitely have a childish side of me. I think this is because I still have my inner child. I definitely believes this is me.

I am a typical Leo because I always put others first. I am strong to defend the ones I love but when I hurt I defend myself well. This has been known throughout my life. A life lesson I have learnt a time and time again. That’s who I am and I can’t change who I am. So I have to learn to deal with the mistakes.

Being single? I often get asked who I like or find attractive. I can guarantee someone will be surprised. Who knew this is a trait of being a Leo.

Another one that definitely determines that I am a Leo is that making people laugh.I do admit I do say random things too.

Writing this blog I hace realised that I am a true Leo, I never knew that.

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