One good thing you can do tomorrow

Tomorrow will be Monday. It will be one of two days in work that week. As I’m out the office for most of the week. I am trying to prepare and make sure all is taken care of before I leave. I will totally admit I’m a control freak and like to make sure it’s done.

However I am constantly reminded that I am not on my own. Others can do what I do. It is what is. Some things can wait until I return. I’m okay yo do that.

One good thing I can do tomorrow is make a realistic list of things to accomplish and to finish off before I go. The first hour of the work day is the best time to assess priorities and to focus on what you absolutely need to accomplish. Assess this during the day too, after lunch and at end of the day. Remember it’s okay if someone pushes work onto you but remember to ask if it’s urgent or can it wait.

If anything tomorrow one good thing to come out is to be realistic. Plan and finish jobs which are important. Leave the jobs which can be left. If one good thing I can do tomorrow is to make sure when I leave to go on annual leave I am happy and I’m at a happy place to leave everything for a few days.

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