Apps I can’t live without

It’s all about apps these days – if there’s a website, you can normally find an app for it. There are apps for every reason and for everyone, young or old, single or taken, in and out of work and for all walks of life. If your a football or rugby fan you have an app to follow that. If your pregnant you have an app to track your baby growth. Here are my top apps, which I have downloaded and go back to time and time again:


I love my to infinity and beyond background on my phone.


Groupon: This is brilliant for looking for deals, product buying or just seeing what’s in trend. I’ve bought a few items and have used it more recently like buying a new portable charger for my phone.

02 Priority: Being on o2 it means you can get £1 lunches, free food or products, order tickets before they go on sale and enter competitions. I’m a pay as you go dork, so I get up to 10% back on my purchases which come in handy too.

Timehop: I love knowing whats been gone in past years on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Lately I have been re-tweeting posts too.

Pinterest: I am normally on this app at least once a day. Either looking for a quote, looking at recipes, fashion trends and making boards I will probably never need or make. If you haven’t got this app I would fully recommend to get it as it comes in handy a lot and beats google. 

What’s app: I don’t send messages through the normal texts anymore. I rarely have credit. So what’s app for me is perfect as I’m always around wifi when sending a message. I think What’s App is great because you can have group messages including people abroad. It really helps to keep in touch too with family members too.

WordPress: WordPress is a necessity for any blogger on here. Blogging on the go… It definitely helps me keep regular and updated on here.

Camera: I may have mentioned this before but I am a compulsive selfie addict. I take a lot of photos!!

Facebook: I first joined Facebook 10 years ago, since then I have downloaded the app on many of my previous phones. I always download it first. I’m not a serial status updater as I once was. I still like to post on their. I’ve learnt it can get you into a lot of trouble. I also don’t like it when you have people bragging about having kinda or their perfect life. That’s why now I appreciate the ability to unfollow them.

Twitter: In work this week Twitter got referred to as the news app due to if you want to find out the latest thing you check Twitter. I love checking the latest # seeing what’s trending. It’s always my go to app every morning. I love getting involved in blogger conversations, hashtaging about a show on TV or following one which is trending too. I think Twitter is the best app around.

Instagram: I love taking selfies, OOTD and taking photos of whatever is going on. I like the fact that like Twitter, you can follow your favorite celebrities. I love that you can comment and they can come back.

What’s your favorite app?


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