Something that annoys you….

Today, as I listen to the radio,tune into the latest podcast episode, switch on and watch the latest television show, pick up the latest magazine to read or watch a latest vlog posted about the famous YouTubes.. I hear the same topic again and again. It’s about people judging other people.

I was listening to Dessert Island Discs yesterday whilst driving home, I chose Sarah Millican, Stephen Fry and Dawn French. They all said the same thing that social media doesn’t share the good things, but makes it easier for others to judge you. Sarah spoke about turning up to a red carpet and being criticised on what she wears on Twitter. Dawn said she was asked to do a knaked photo shoot, people judged her on her weight and how she shouldn’t be allowed to do it. Stephen spoke about being judged about him and his outlook on life. I really relate to Stephen Fry, not only because he’s a genious but he doesn’t allow his mental health problems let him affect him. He doesn’t allow negativity or people opinion let it affect him in his everyday life.

I have to admit when it comes to celebrity I do have some fascination. I love learning how they got to the top and how they made it successfully and financially. Whether it be through a sport, acting on a stage, doing something their passionate over, following a career path or going through a life crisis like divorce i.e. how Sarah Millican became a comedian

In my line of work, we present awards to people and invite an inspirational speaker to come and talk to them about their life. I know some people are unsuitable to come and don’t show the positivity we want. Suggestions like having a well-known British architect turn TV presenter, TV actor and radio presenters known for Buster or a food critic columnist and historian turn TV presenter. I think this is really sad that people who inspire others, may not be famous to all are shunned away or ignored. It’s all based on judgement and perception by others of who they are and what they have done previously.

I really cannot stand this. Why do we judge? Why do we judge if someone has lost weight or gained weight? Judge if they decide to be in a relationship with someone? What they eat? How they live? What they like to do in their spare time? Why do we do this when it takes more time and effort to pursue it? Can we not live in a world filled with judgement?

I know this will never change and in society we will continue to do judge? I want to make a concious effor to not judge.

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