Something that makes me happy…


Last weekend I spent time with my two little nephews, Josh and Eoin. Although I wasn’t in sync with them as I slept through when they were fully awake during the night. Unaware of schedules and how to buckle them into their car seats. Know when they take naps or what they are or not allowed to eat. I loved spending time with them. Even when Josh tells me he is too busy to teach me about motor cars or when he says I’m too big to watch Paw Patrol. When Eoin screams in my face because I went to move him out of an uncomfortable persision they still make me smile lots.

Last weekend couldn’t have happened without adult supersion of my Dad and his wife Michelle. I really appreciate everything they do whilst having the boys. Like getting up at 3am, 4am and 5am when they wake up. Cooking beans and sausages for their tea suggesting going to the adventure playground. I know they do it as grandparent love but for me I couldn’t do it.

I don’t get to see the boys as often as I want to. Every time I do I appreciate it. This year I made a promise (read here) to myself to appreciate it more as I’ve realised that their mum and dad are giving up their time for me.

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