How important is education

I’m not going to sit here and say education isn’t important because it is. I wasn’t a fan of it growing up. Now I’m older, I know the importance of it being younger and like I’ve said I wish I listened…. Even though I didn’t do the traditional route of education, go from GCSEs to A-levels to uni degree. Today I do see why we have exams and qualifications and even grading system. I think this has come to me with studying for my PGCE and learning about teaching. I’ve always said on here that the background of where you come from shouldn’t be judged. By this I mean, if you come from a well off background and attend the best school, then yes you will have good teachers and extra curriculum to put on your CV at the end but still come out with an A in English, for example. You could come from a poor background, have not so great teachers or peers, you do extra curriculum and still come out with a A in English.

Today it’s not all about the grades you get on a piece paper, but about how you conduct yourself and the soft skills you require. Like able to work in a team, able to complete a project, communication skills, problem solving and self motivation. Not all of these skills can be taught in a classroom.

Recently a bank has been advertising that you can teach young people on how to manage their finances and explain about money too. I think these skills are becoming more important with the economic crisis happening. Also they need to be able to budget, cook a meal, do laundry and have life skills. This too cannot be taught in the classroom.

I was lucky because I had my GirlGuiding to fall on to teach me skills that school couldn’t teach me. Today I think having the best education in the world, is good because it can help you have the better grades, open up doors for you, give you other skills you might not get a chance like learning how to fence. For me it’s not everything. I think everyone has a right to an education. As education is crucial to getting further, I believe that’s not just in a classroom but the soft skills you can learn outside of a classroom.

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