Three things that made me smile today…

Seasons Changing! I love when Spring comes and we see a change in the weather and sunshine comes out more. I love how it changes the way you feel and look too. I am loving it you can now where flats without socks, my look and fashion style can change. I am loving how it makes you feel too. I swear I have SAD as I totally live for sunnier days.

My friends! I may not always see them every single day, weeks or even months in some cases. When I have low times I know I can turn to them I thank them. This couldn’t happen without What’s App. Today I got to hang out with one of my oldest / closes friends from School. I loved it, time may pass but nothing changes within our relationship! We pick up where we left of from last time. This makes me happy and makes me appreciate out friendship even more.

Watching a new movie! Sing! is one of the funiest gutt laughing films I have seen for a long time. Buster Moon owns a theatre and after many failed attemps, he goes for one more attempt. When he publishes a flyer searching for new singers, he wants the prize money to be 1,000 but by mistake it ends up been 100,000.  The movie follows different singers, like a son hiding this away from his dad, a mother wanting to break out and sing, singing rabbits forming a group and a mouse owing money to a gang. This movie has lots of belly laugh moments, I totally think this wouldn’t be as funny if the characters wern’t animals. I think this what gets me, as they mix animals and songs like a mouse singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way, or a pig singing Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it, it’s hilarious.

Image result for sing movie soundtrack

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