Favorite movie: Notting Hill

Day Twenty-Seven. Your favorite movie and what’s it about?

My favourite movie is Notting Hill. My first time I saw this was at the cinema and I was under age. Since then I have repeatly watched this movie.

The film follows a regular guy, bookshop owner William (Hugh Grant) who happens to bump into American movie star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), the two are attracted to each other and begin to fall for each other. The film follows the ups and downs of their courtship, which runs into several obstacles along the way before they finally sort it all out.

One of my favourite scenes is the final bookshop scene. Where Julia Roberts character says “I’m just a girl…” is my favorite scene. I love how Hugh Grant falls for her but it takes her a long time to finally realise her feelings fall him.

Another favourite is where you see Rhys Ifans and his t-shirts he wants advise over to wear for a date. I think Rhys Ifans is hilarious throughout the film

Another favourite character which makes it is none other than Lord Grantham Hugh Bonneville who plays Bernie. When he meets Julia Roberts character he doesn’t recognise as ths famous actress she’s protraying.

The film is wonderfully, lovingly crafted and a touristy London is shot lovingly throughout, making the city look gorgeous. The pacing is a triumph, allowing the characters room to breathe and the audience to get caught up in the love story in a way lesser rom coms fail to achieve.

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