What would be your last meal?

I’ve often thought about this and asked this to anyone I meet. I think this is a good question and you really get to know that person and what food they love. Seriously why would you choose something you don’t like? You wouldn’t if it’s your last meal. It would have to be indulgent, special and something you love. This is tough for me as I love all kinds of food. I would want it all one last time. As I love food, I have decided to have a starter, a fish course, a main, dessert and cheeseboard.

Starter – To start my last meal… it will have to be bruuschetta. I love this starter as it’s light and refreshing. However I love when you can taste the garlic, if it has added pesto or mozarella, it’s perfect for me. Another one I have regular with my uni friends is garlic bread with mozarella which I love too.

Image result for bruschetta frankie bennys


Fish Course – When I was about 12 years old, we went to a fish restaurant where I tasted moules for the first time. Since then I have been obsessed and if it’s on the menu I go for it every time. The best ones since my first time was in Anglesey for my 30th Birthday meal with the girls. I loved it, they were very fresh and delicious.

2016-07-29 19.57.58

Main Meal – My main meal would have to be a Mexican feast. I love it all, fajitas, buritos, tacos etc. I love the accompliments like guacamole, salsa, sour cream, jalapenos, rice and re fried beans. It would have to come with nacho chips and if possible fajita sweet potato chips. When I lived in Disney we often went and got Mexican food, this is where my love came for the cuisine. If anything I would always chose Mexican over lots of other cuisines.

This decision was the hardest as I also love my Dads fish pie, my Mums sausage and chops, Ian’s cauliflower cheese or sweet & sour chinese and Sarah’s curry she stole from her mother in law.

Image result for mexican fajita feast

Desert – This is a tricky one as I would want a trio of three. The first one would be my sisters Mississippi mud pie which she made for me last year. The second would be sticky toffee pudding my favorite hot desert and third one is Eton Mess.

2016-08-13 12.00.52

Cheese. It would be a plate of stinky blue cheese, smoked cheese or gooey cheese you can dip. I love stinky blue cheese recently found Sean Wilson aka Martin Platt from Coronation Street Saddleworth Cheese Company. Smelley Ha’peth is my current favourite blue cheese.

This was a tough decision, but this meal would be my favorite meal to eat for the very last time in my life. I understand that this isn’t something I wouldn’t choose every day. As I love lots more food then these four dishes.

What would you chose?

One Comment on “What would be your last meal?

  1. Good topic. I follow you, so I get emails when you post. I normally just read your post in my email but never come on to comment or like. I decided to start posting again so I will start liking and commenting on your post instead of just reading it in my email.
    Haha the point is I enjoy your blog post every day 🙂


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