Pictures of where you grew up…

I always say I was born in Newcastle but I grew up in Guisborough. I say this because I think you do most of your growing up past the age of 10 years. You learn who you are and what you do. Under the age of 10 you learn how to be a human, i.e. be sociable and how to live etc. I spent from the age of 10 through to 21 years living there (taking a GAP of 10 months).  I went to primary school there, then onto secondary school where I found out a lot about myself, went to my first college, took the GAP and returned to go to my second college. Whilst there I worked for a branded hotel and a local pub.

Recently I have gone home to see my Mum her partner and friends. Although I haven’t lived there for a whilst I still walked through the town and bumped into people I knew. This small market town was great for growing up in due to it allowed me to visit friends in different places, but still be 15 mins walk away from home. It’s the town I was a guide and turned into a Guider, which helped to get to know more people. The town has 15 plus pubs in a small capacity. It has a 4* McDonald Hotel, where famously original Top Gear have stayed at. Close by there is Guisborough Walkway leading to Roseberry Topping and a short drive away from the North Yorkshire Moors and the seaside towns of Redcar and Saltburn.

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Guisborough Priory

Roseberry Topping

The first is the pier at Saltburn by the Sea, is my favourite place to go to.  I love this pier especially if I have time go grab a pint at Vista Mar the pub at the bottom of the bank. Their is also the cliff lift which you can ride up and down to the pier from the town. When walking along the pier you come across knitted features made by a secret society. I love Saltburn, although this isn’t exactly where I grew up, it’s close enough been 10 minutes away.

Image result for saltburn by the sea blog

Saltburn by the Sea pier and cliff lift

I think anyone who is going to the North-East should be made aware of the pretty little places you can visit. Not just the popular Durham, Newcastle and Sunderland. This area has a lot to give. I am lucky enough to have grown up there.

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