Five bloggers you follow

I follow a lot of bloggers, I often have nights where I read their posts and they help me become inspired about what I should write. My blog doesn’t have one theme (well apart from being me) unlike others who are dedicated to just Disney, foodie, gin, fashion, makeup and movies etc. They write about the things they are passionate over. As I don’t have one generic topic, I like to think I am more lifestyle. I share to the world what I love and all things me. So I read an arrange of blogs. So I thought I would share my top five, I think you should check out.

Hannah Gale

Hannah Gale is my favorite blogger (& vlogger) to read. She is so real and you can really sink into her blogs reading one after another after another. She is a mix of all sorts, loves fashion and makeup, does lifestyle pieces about events she’s attended, about food she has cooked or eaten and about her demons. I came across her blog when on google about anxiety, where she posted a Dear Diary entry. After reading this and some more, I finally watched her vlog about the topic. Realised in a short time that I was normal, I was battling something others do everyday.

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Sarah Louise Porter

Sarah Louise Porter is the most recent blogger (& vlogger). Sarah is a complete and utter Disney freak who loves it all. She is constantly in Primark, pound shops and the rest looking for Disney products. I came across her blog via Instagram when #disneyprimark. She also writes about fashion and what she get’s up to day to day. Another thing we have in common, she is from the North East and has CFS, just like me!

Your Photo

Canny Food

Canny Food is a blogger based in the North East of England writes about dining out in the area and food she has recently purchased. She loves food, either cooking it or dining and having it made for her. I came across her blog over a year ago when looking for a tripadvisor review about Jamie Italian in Newcastle upon Tyne. Since then I love reading about where she goes, although I do get uber jealous.

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Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat?

Boo Brown is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on fashion and mainly writes about what she wears. Her fashion style is fun, colorful and gorgeous clothes she takes from the office, to drinks out with friends to just a casual Sunday. She is real, she started her blog not liking her body back in 2012 and since then she has taken a positive step to love her body. For me I think she is brave and by reading her blog I have become more confident in what to wear.

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Sprinkle of Glitter

It was July 2015, I was on the sofa at my mums, with a cuppa in my hand watching This Morning. Where I was watching about this new person who writes about her life. I was completely amazed by her and became obsessed with her blog. Of course it is Louise Pentland from Sprinkle of Glitter. I found her vlogs too and have seen her go through her birth of her daughter, going to Seattle and the recent divorce of her husband. She has now brought out her book, a clothing range with Simply Be gone on tour and brought out the DVD. She’s an inspiration to all women out there.

 photo 1-about.jpg

Where it all started……….. the first blog I ever loved was from Julie and Julia which was released in 2009. Based on the true story of a 30 something woman, blogging her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. I love this film, it inspired my own story of blogging (read here).

So there is my five blogs I follow and one which started it all. There are many more out there I love and read and keep up to date with. Many vlogs too like Oli White and Ellie Steadman.


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