Blogging Everyday

Day 31. Blogging Everyday

In February I realised I needed to inject some love and creativity and passion back into my blog. I decided to blog everyday throughout the month of march.

Reading other blogs and tips bloggers have shared I wanted to inject some creativity and passion back into it. I took time off in October due to ill health but I realised then how much I missed it. In January I made a promise to become a regular blogger. 

 Other bloggers said three good things would come out after spending a month blogging everyday.

  1. Creativity would come back and help inspire you to write more blogs
  2. Practice makes perfect
  3. Don’t feel overwhelmed by other blogs

The main thing I have loved is how easy flowing blogging was and how much I kept wanting to blog. From this I am now wanting to create blog series and now know what I want to blog more about.

Practice definitely makes perfect. In blogging this has helped me too. I have learnt about blogging and how to incorporate social media. This has helped me. Due to my blog has been read by lots more people so thank you very much!!

An entire month of blogging has finished. I would do it again but not for a whilst as it takes a lot of time. However I am now a three times a week blogger introducing more blog series. I am proud of my blog and what I have achieved…. It can only get better.

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