March Favorites

Another month over and done with I cannot believe I am here now writing my March Favorites.

This month has been another which went quick yet again. I have completed my 30 day blog post, which has seen me do the classic blog posts like what’s in my handbag  and what I ate in a day,  reminiscing over Dublin, writing the personal dear body i love you because  and a fashion trend I am loving.

Apart from blogging, I have gone home for a long weekend, celebrated St Patrick’s Day, spent the weekend with my nephews and loving the spring weather.

Food – March has all been about Street Kitchen, we’ve been trying different flavors including red thai curry, lemongrass chicken and spicy habanero chicken. The kits are easy too cook and only take twenty mins from start to finish. They are fresh, full of flavor and can be easy adaptable to what you want to eat i.e. meat, vegetables etc.

Mindfulness – This months mindfulness is about bringing it into every day life. Making sure I take time to the movement of me and sounds and sights I hear and see.

  • Taking a shower
  • Drinking a hot drink
  • Feel good in what I wear
  • Writing a to-do list
  • Take a selfie and love yourself
  • Walking in the sun
  • Getting into bed and breathing
  • Write down one good thing you did that day

Simple tasks. Simple mindfulness. Simple steps to eventually see the bigger picture.

Beauty – I watched a TV show called Shop Well for Less where they swapped a lady’s primer to a different brand. She said after she preferred this brand and would keep it. When they revealed it, I soon realised it was Kiss X which can be purchased in Wilkinson. I love this primer, it’s smooth, soft, it’s perfect when wearing underneath BB cream for work each day. It’s inexpensive only costing £2 per tube.

Film & TV – This month has been about cookery shows, like the new Mary Berry, Tom Kerridges new show about takeaways and the secret restaurant. This month I have been watching the new movie Sing! and Hidden Figures, Second Best Marigold Hotel and on Netflix and the new DVD release of North-East film I, Daniel Blake!

Image result for i daniel blake dvd

Something I am wearing – As the clocks went forward to British Summer time, I am loving the fact that I can now wear ballet pumps again with no socks. It feels so good as it means summer is on its way.

See you at the end of April, for my next favorite!

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