Restaurant Review: Harris and Hoole

On a busy Saturday afternoon, I got invited to go shopping in Guildford. Guildford is 30 minutes drive away, it’s perfect to go shopping in with a vary wide selection of shops. Everything you need you can get there from clothes to shoes to materials to even food equipment.

One of my favorite shops to go in is located on the cobbled busy high street, it has clothes, jewelry, kitchenware and home furniture. It’s one of the popular shop, always full with people buying an arrange of different products including door knobs. For me I love the plates, cups and different bowls you have. It’s called Anthropologie, if you haven’t been in I fully recommend a visit.

Image result for anthropologie guildford

Image result for anthropologie guildford

After visiting Anthropologie, The White stuff and Zara we were feeling the hunger and thirst pains. We stumbled across a cafe called Harris and Hoole. From the outside it looked inviting with a modern classic on a traditional cafe.

Image result for harris and hoole guildford

On the right handside as you walk-in you they had a wide selection of sandwiches to choose from including a small kids range. It had bottles of water and drinks to choose from. When looking around and spying on others. I spotted their bakery selection at the register. We decided to order two cheese scones and two pots of tea. Let’s face it, you can’t have scones with a coffee! That’s just wrong!

Person serving us asked if we would like the scones warmed up and offered us a selection of tea. They had tea pigs, flavor tea and even a white peach which sounded interesting.

Image result for harris and hoole guildford

We took the scones and headed upstairs to the additional seating area. We walked past a wall which has a library book theme wallpaper on one wall. From there it opens up to a wider area with lots of tables and seats. There was a mix of reading selection from what you can chose from.

Image result for harris and hoole guildford

We chose a table and put down our selection of tea cups, plates and the cutest tea pots I have seen for a whilst. The tea pot held two full cups of tea and some spare. Kept it warmer for a long time unlike other cups.

The scones came with a three packs of butter, which melted as soon it was spread across the scone. The cheese was a mature cheddar and black pepper through the scones. The scone was light and fluffy with a doughy taste. It was very delicious, but I think I loved it more due to not having one for a long time.

Before leaving I went via the toilet, and loved the sign and mirror, though I would share them with you.

I think for me when going back to Guilford shopping, walking around the three shopping centres, down the cobbled high street. Looking at crockery and kitchenware you dream to own. I would very much go back to Harris and Hoole again and try another bakery and one of their artistian coffee.

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