How to bring Disney into your 9 to 5 life…

I have been a fan of Disney since being a little girl. I have fallen in and out of love with characters for years. When in work doing a 9-5 job Monday to Friday, I sometimes need to include a little Disney in my day to day. However I don’t want to truly become that Disney girl everyone calls you. I like subtle Disney where people don’t realise you are wearing / doing Disney.

As I work in a job where I have to wear business wear, you can’t turn up in a £6 t-shirt from Primark, how much I want to!! Sometimes listening to Let it Go or Spoonful of Sugar will just not hack it.

So here’s my list of how I bring a little Disney into my 9-5 life….

Socks, underwear and tights – Thanks to Primark, it’s now possible to wear underwear with mickey on, socks with goofy on them and tights with mickey and minnie on them. The tights below I wore these for when working in a posh private school. You have a long enough skirt / dress, you can get away with it. Gives you that little boost for the day. Beware if spotted you may get funny looks!

Image result for primark disney tights

Mary Poppins Bracelet – I love Mary Poppins. I love my bracelet I got below. I got it from my friend Simon who got me it on Broadway in 2008. I have worn it a lot. I love how subtle it is and how it’s so Mary Poppins, but when people look at it they don’t realise what it is.

Related image

Mickey Purse. I love my new Mickey Mouse purse I found in Primark for just £1! I have fallen in love with it. It keeps my cards and coins perfectly. They also have lots of bags and other bits in too, which I love esp the Mickey backpack.

Image result for mickey mouse purse primark

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Scarf. My friends for my 30th Birthday bought me this scarf. I love it. I wear it a lot when in work, as I don’t think I would get away with some of my Disney items. This brings Disney into my day and keeps my neck nice and warm.

Image result for minnie mouse scarf primark

Elsa perfume. When I worked in Florida, I didn’t wear expensive perfume and even at university. I wore Disney ones. They smelt nice, did the job and were cheap. When my friends gave me Elsa perfume, I smelt it, liked it and since then I have worn it…. I do have normal perfume to however, this one works, I like it, so why not?

Image result for elsa perfume

Mickey Mouse Pen. This very fancy posh pen I got for Christmas from my sister, brother in law and nephews. It’s from the Cath Kidston Disney range and I just love it. I use this a lot, in work and out too. It goes well with my Frozen or Peter Pan notebooks on my desk.

Image result for disney pen cath kidston

Travel ceramic mug and water bottle. For Christmas last year I got a ceramic mug and water bottle from my sister, brother in law and nephews which say Practically Perfect in Every Way.

Lip gloss. When Christmas shopping, I spotted the Alice in Wonderland makeup range from Boots. When it was 75% off sale. I got the below for only £1.25 using my boots card. I am not going to say at all they are the best I’ve ever had. They are certainly not. Their Disney and they help especially when you get commented on the pretty packaging.
Image result for disney lip gloss alice

The last thing I love and I am desperate to get a new one…..

Phone case. Last year I went from a Samsung to an LG. I love my new phone and it does everything I want it to do including voice activated selfies! However I cannot find a phone case, more importantly a Disney phone case to fit it. I love the Mickey Mouse Cath Kidston one, but it’s only for iPhone 6 and I’m not an iPhone girl. I’m on the hunt for a new one….

Image result for mickey cath kidston phone case

Here’s how to include Disney into your own 9-5 life! The little things definitely help, especially if your having a bad day and you need a little magic, pixie dust and a hug from a Mouse called Mickey.

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