Going to the cinema?

Have you ever been in that situation where no-one around you is free to go to the cinema? Or they don’t want to go see it? Or they prefer to go with their partner, family or whomever. You’re stuck because you really want to go see it.

Well that was me lately and I did something brave and which all singletons should have the confidence to do. I went by myself. Yes, I admit that it’s really sad to go to the cinema by youurself. Have you ever thought about the people who go wether they are in a relationship or not? People who work away? People on night shifts? Students? Spinsters or bachelors?

I personally think it’s fine to do it alone. Over years I have learn’t some tips, I thought I would share them.

1. Book your ticket either online or through the self-service machines. This cuts down on the embarassment of saying for one please. Also helps with the next step.

2. Choosing the right seat. Online booking and self-service machies, means you can choose your own seat. Many cinemas now want you to book a seat, not choose when you get in. I personally go for an end of a row. Either with two or three seats there. I choose one at the back.

3. Treats at the cinema. It’s still okay to get popcorn, malteasers, ice cream or a drink. Don’t let the fact your by yourself mean you don’t get a treat. Plus no one is there to judge you so it’s all you can eat!!

4. Getting there at the right time. I perosnally look at the times, add on twenty minuites for adverts, arrive just as it starts. You can watch new realease adverts online. Get an end seat, go in just as it starts.

5. Seak out early at the end. I don’t mean straight away, but wait until it finishes, grab your stuff and go. Most people analysis movie afterwards, so you have time to pack up, before the small talk behind your back happens and the ” oh she’s by herself” happens. I personally tweet, as I walk to avoid the looks.

Even when you remember all this Be super safe whilst there. Choose a busy slot time on the night or go during the day, check on how much it’s busy beforehand with seat map. Don’t go late at night, try to go when the movie has been out a whilst, if you can wait.

If your a single girl, just like me, I fully recomend it as a thing all singletons should experience. Don’t miss out just because your single. Work out how you can get around it.

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