Let’s talk Hot Cross Buns

Whilst shopping in a Marks and Spencer food hall, there was a very kind gentleman with samples of hot cross buns. I obviously took advantage of this and decided to try them. However I was shocked on how many there flavors they have brought out this year.

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When I was little we had just the original hot cross bun. It had to have the cross on top. If it had the yellow bit out of mixed peel, that got picked out. Now, I don’t care. They have changed over the years with new flavors but Marks and Spencer this year have stepped it up.

Marks and Spencer have reported that they sell 42 million buns every year. They announced they will be bring out nine new flavors for 2017 including; cranberry and orange, chocolate and orange, kentish bramley apple, carrot cake and cheese and onion flavor.

I thought I would review some of them for you:

Mini Chocolate and Orange – This hot cross bun was very chocolaty and when toasted with butter was utterly delicious. The bun has the peel like the original hot cross bun but it has chocolate chips in it too. This hot cross bun texture reminded me like Soreen chocolate flavor ones. I definitely prefer this flavor to the fudge and Belgian chocolate flavor.

Image result for marks and spencer cranberry hot cross buns

Cranberry and Orange – The cranberry and orange flavor is the closest you can get to the original hot cross bun. I loved the flavor of this as it was very fruity with the cranberry flavor was strong which I loved. Toasted with a strong orange marmalade is perfect.

Kentish Bramley Apples – Cinnamon and apple are classic flavors to any dough based bread. I think Marks & Spencer bringing this one out is a classic flavor. Dried apple tastes good too especially when toasted. This hot cross bun felt the lightest.

Carrot Cake – If cinnamon and apple is a classic to dough, carrots is a my favorite classic to cake. Carrot cake like my sister is one of my favorites. However when going to purchase I was shocked that there was two per packet. The reason for this is that these ones have cream cheese in the middle. However one big problem when eating them is that when toasting them becomes 99.9% difficult. If you have a grill, they’re perfect to get warmed!

Image result for marks and spencer carrot cake hot cross buns

Cheese and Onion – Traditionally hot cross buns are sweet and filled with mixed peel. This year M&S have brought out a savory one with cheese and onion. I know this sounds wrong and it should be. However Marks & Spencer in my mind are a genius. Tastes amazing. When this and the carrot cake one was announced Marks & Spencer said, the cheese one is for a bacon sandwich and the carrot cake is for afternoon tea. They are 100 right. In store they had a recipe to make it into a Welsh Rarebit and this is my aim for the Easter weekend. As I love anything Welsh and Welsh rarebits are gorgeous.

Image result for marks and spencer cheese and onion hot cross buns

I think overall Marks and Spencer have brought out flavors to fit us all, chocolate fans, fruit fans, savory, veggie fans with the apple and kept the original too. I have loved trying them and think they are great especially for this Easter as who doesn’t love a hot cross bun.

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