Film Review: Beauty and the Beast

I was really worried about going to see this film after knowing what Disney did to Jungle Book and Cinderella. I thought both of these are classic films, but once I saw the live action I was 100% majorly disappointed. Knowing that they’ve done this to both Beauty and the Beast and now Mary Poppins, I am very skeptical about going. Talking to one of my closest friends, a Disney fan like me. He said it was okay and they’ve learn’t their mistake. 

Now if you’ve read my blog A little Beauty and the Beast collection…you will know I have been a fan of the movie for a long time. So I braved the cinema and went to see it with two men called Ben and Jerry…

A tale as old as time, true to the original as it can be – is the tag line to the film, in some way they have done this.

It is true to the 1991 animation version not changing much. Adding extra details to the favorite scenes (well mine) like Be our Guest, Tale as Old Time scene and the transformation scene. Keeping to the story line they added scenes that were not answered in the original.

I liked how they answered, what happened to Belles mum, seeing the beginning transformation scene, why the people forgot about the castle and why the beast is the way he is? I think that is my favorite one as I have always loved the beast.

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I think for me Emma Watson will always be Hermione Granger. It took me until tale as old as time, to truly believe she could be Belle. I don’t think she has a strong singing voice. Her overall performance was good.

Dan Stevens played the beast, him for me is the perfect beast. It’s nice to know at age 30 I can finally have a crush on a real life beast then an animation. I know he’s Matthew Crawley but he really captured the beast, the transformation scene was a favorite just for his butt.

Emma Thompson, as Mrs Potts was magical but Angela Lansbury will always be my Mrs Potts. Everyone had ranted on about how amazing Gaston is, but Luke Evans for me was not all that. He mentioned a war which was interesting but it made me think is this the French war which is in Les Mes? I don’t know…

What did shock me was that Josh Gad aka Olaf and the guy from 21, played LeFou. He made the character his own and a little more flamboyant. I think he was one of my favorites throughout the film. I loved the scene towards the end where one of the villagers loved getting dressed up as a woman.

Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 lefou

The things I didn’t like about the film. I didn’t like how they cut out Belle reading her book to the sheep. LeFoue and Gaston falling into mud when perfoming music to Belle. Why is the cottage in the actual village and not by itself? I wanted Clogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs Potts all to sing Human Again. The bluebird scene missing too with Belle and Beast feeding the birds.

Image result for beauty and the beast human again
I did enjoy the new song the Beast sings called Evermore. It did make me emotional. I loved the transformation scene and the final dance scene too. Tale as Old as Time was perfect, however it didn’t match to the original and neither did the library scene. I thought they could have done more with it. 

The final fight scene, looked like something from Narnia’s Prince Caspian which just never works in Disney classics.

Coming out of the cinema, I did think well done Disney you didn’t screw it up. You did us Beauty and the Beast fans proud. What you added was perfect. I’m only disappointed with that there was no birds scene and the song Human Again was missed out. I’m not going to say I’m the biggest fan of the movie and would rush back to go to the cinema. I would quite happy go out buy the DVD and be lost in the Disney magic.

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