Brain Fog

So your probably wondering what brain fog is? Let me explain…

Brain fog is a clinical symptom which is characterized by an inability to focus or think clearly, memory loss (short-term and long-term), difficulty learning new tasks, and a possible feeling of being more discouraged than normal. Okay so I may have took this from NHS website, but you now understand what it is…

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In my day to day life, I can have a conversation with someone and completely forget a name of a TV show, a person’s name, a package you use on the computer or simple task your working on. You honestly feel like Dory from Finding Nemo / Dory. If I’m having a really bad day even having a normal conversation with someone can be hard. This can make me feel very frustrated.

I can instantly forget what I am doing or what needs to be done. A coping mechanism I find which helps are two things, one color coordinate your calendar – for me I know orange means minutes have to be wrote up. That’s my main focus for that day. If you do realise that this occurs more often and it get’s frustrating (seriously, been there) get two screens it will help! Help you perform better too.

Since 2012 when I first got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia it has taken me to the present day to realise what I should do to help this. Here are some life hacks I have learn’t along the way which might help you too.

  1. Have you taken your medication?
  2. Check your blood sugars – when you feel healthy you think straight
  3. Check your iron levels – I eat spinach as this gives me an instant boost
  4. Drink water and make sure your hydrated
  5. Get enough sleep the night before
  6. Be careful what foods you eat – I find if I eat branston pickle I instantly feel ill afterwards
  7. Take a walk – I’m lucky as I can go for a walk down Longwalk in Windsor
  8. Take five – remember to move away from situations and take five
  9. Do something mindfulness, coloring books, read a book or mindfulness music
  10. Remember to keep going, it’ll soon pass…

Either way hope this helps you….

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