My mental health story: The Beggining

Nearly a year ago…. I was a hopeless mess. I was just about to come to the end of my contract at my job. I was all over the place. I didn’t feel like I was in the right place of mind. I kept having horrible thoughts and got annoyed easily. I didn’t want to be here.

In me I can go from a real high bouncing off walls want to spend lots of money I don’t have. To going extremely low and wanting to not live on this planet.

I thought at the time I was trying really hard but looking back now I’ve realised I wasn’t. The toughest decision I made was booking an appointment to get help and sonehow take control??

Going to see Dr B was the scariest appointment I’ve ever made as I was doing something for me. Doing something for me is really hard for me. I think the hardest thing I do is doing something for me. I always put others in front of me and think their self worth is better than mine.

However nearly one year on it’s been the best decision I made. I still have a long way to go. I now feel like I’m okay and on the right track. I still have massive highs and lowest of lows. Not as bad I don’t want to be here.

How this has happened is through tablets, talking to people not just family and friends but a complete stranger. I talk about mental health. I’m still trying to find the best possible way. For me talking about my own mental health has worked.

I think what Harry, William and Kate are doing about raising awareness of mental health is truly inspiring. Not everyone has the same issues or reasons why they suffer. Harry saying he needed councelling years later after when Princess Diana is so relatable.

I love that Harry said us British people need to get rid of our upper stiff lip and open up about talking about mental health…

So here is me slightly opening up about my own mental health…..

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