Being Single: 20 things guys need to know about this girl

I’ve wrote about being single, but I thought I would share 20 things I want guys to know about me. I’ve recently seen someone else write something similar, I liked the post. I thought I would adapt it and share my own.

  1. I’m not an ordinary girl so don’t tell me otherwise.
  2. Don’t underestimate me, because I’ll prove that I’m smarter then you think…
  3. If I comment on what you wear etc, it means I like it so wear it more often!
  4. I’m not a mind reader, so let’s talk about it.
  5. I’m old school in so many ways.
  6. The little things mean more to me then the bigger things.
  7. If you break my trust twice, then remember it’s game over (I gave you a first chance).
  8. When given the opportunity I will quote a Disney character.
  9. Take control of the dates!
  10. I may be from up’north, that doesn’t mean that I don’t know what the finer things are in life!
  11. If you really care about me, I will know it through your eyes not your mouth.
  12. I love to travel, but because I don’t (currently!) doesn’t mean I won’t in the future.
  13. I do become shy and quiet, especially when others around me scare me or situations.
  14. When I cook for you, that means something!
  15. Holding the door open, is gentlemanly, if I say go first it means I’m looking at your bum!
  16. Choosing a meal on a night out is tough, so please offer your opinion.
  17. If you say you love my wobbly bits, well that’s a pass!
  18. I don’t date someone for their looks, but it’s about your personality and if you can make me laugh!
  19. Play fighting is always the best.
  20. Finally…. hugs means more to me then words!

Hope you enjoyed the post and I hope I find the perfect guy soon!

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