Let’s talk tea….

Walking around Sainsburys, I walked down the tea aisle, seeing the variety of fruit teas on offer, I thought I would try some.

When I worked in United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot selling Twinings fruit flavoured teas. My friend Mark introduced me to lots of the classics like Lemon and Ginger, Cranberry and Raspberry and Strawberry and Raspberry teas. Since then, I have loved them.

Working at the DofE we have more fruit teas we can drink then any other work place I have worked at. It’s perfect because it meant I could try different ones. So here are some of my favourites….

Cranberry and Blood Orange and Strawberry and Raspberry

These teas are really fruity, I love the cranberry and blood orange as it has a strong aroma but not taste. The blood orange taste is a stronger flavour in the tea. Blood orange is a new taste I’ve just started to get into, I particular like the Italian fizzy drink Samparello.

The Strawberry and Raspberry flavour is a classic, but if you want something fruity to help taste the urge of having sweets like Haribo go for this tea. When having this tea in work, some have been put off for the artificial taste of strawbery. What do they expect? It’s a tea!

Michelle, my dad’s wife, got the Salted Caramel for the house, I love the fact this too can take the craving of wanting chocolate away. I think for Twinings brining out this flavour is a hit, especially for me as I love anything salted caramel.

Cherry bakewell has a strong cherry flavour. I do love this one but I can only have it occasionally as it’s very very sweet in my opinion.

Taylors of Harrogate is a northern brand, which I have been familiar with but not for the tea but for the coffee.

Sweet Rhubarb, Spiced Apple and Rose Lemonade

Sweet Rhubarb says what it is on the box. The strong flavour of rhubarb is perfect for a nice flavour tea. Trying it for the first time, it reminded me of my mums stewed rhubarb which she cooks in lemonade. With acidy flavour, the taste was interesting but I did prefer this one when it went to a luke warm tempurature.

Spiced apple is my facourite out of the three. It reminds me of Christmas, has a similar taste to Twinings Winter Spice flavour. It has a very purgent apple flavour, but the spices do come through. This tea is perfect for when it’s cold outside and you need something warm to drink. Between this one and the Twinings flavour, I do slightly prefer the Twinings one as it reminds me of a hot Ribena.

Rose Lemonade, the only way to describe this flavour is tasting the Fentimans Rose Lemonade warmed up and taking away the acidic. Like the sweet lemonade I prefered the taste of when it was luke warm. I’m not a fan of this one, If offered I would dink it but I wouldn’t make myself one.

So here’s some teas I’ve been tasting lately. I love fruit teas as it’s a perfect alternative. However you cannot beat a good cuppa tea!!!

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