My Disney castmember confessions

Every little girl dream is to work for Walt Disney World. I am one lucky girl as my dream came true. Today there are so many blogs / vlogs about people doing the exact same job I did ten years ago. It has changed and they have approved the infamous Cultural Representative Program.

However many of the things have stayed the same like the pavilion, accommodation blocks and the social side of Disney is still the same. Apart from going through traditions, wearing the same costume, riding the same bus Disney enforce some rules on you. Like don’t receive guest privileges, don’t go backstage when not in costume etc. Rules are made to be broken, so here are some of my Disney confessions….

Working as a Cultural Rep in Walt Disney World, they take out £100 a week for rent. If you’re a server then it’s fine, but if your a merchie then it can be tough. To survive you got to character dining an stock up. Confession #1 You go to these, take a big bag and stock up. They have no limit going up and down to get a new plate. Just be careful how you do this.

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After a hearty breakfast you go to the Disney parks. If it’s a busy time, you cheat and go into cast member only areas. Confession #2 You go down into the secret Magic Kingdom tunnels or backstage in all the parks to jump the ques or cut out the traffic to ride your ride.

Image result for magic kingdom tunnel entrance

Once on the ride, you continue to ride until you’re bored! Confession #3 If you get in the right seat, you can ride a ride more than three times. How you ask, well simple: 1. You friend the cast member on the ride. 2. Some cast members don’t check people have left the ride completely. 3. Ball ache I know but you can do this by doing the single ride on que. If quiet just ask to ride again. They can’t say no!

After riding the rides, it’s time to go hunt down your favorite character. If like me you get to know others out there who are friends with them. You try to make them come out of character whilst on stage. They may hate you after, but if their real friends they see the funny side. Confession #4 I once tried to make my friend Jack Sparrow come out of character and he did. Just be careful you don’t get caught or told off officially.

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Keep hold of the special badges like I’m celebrating, Just Married or Happy Birthday. Confession #5 keep hold of these, but remember not to use them in the same place again and again. Get the free cupcake from Main Street USA, a free cocktail from any of the World Showcases, free desserts, fast pass rides or surprise visits from characters. I’ve recently heard Disney have cracked down.

When back in work after your days off, you try to get an ER (early release) as much as you can Confession #6 This could mean going to a park, going to the cinema, going drinking around the world or just wanting to go sunbathe. Whatever you want it for, all cast members do it…..

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I know I’ve said about the naughty things I have done and what they teach you not to do. You also have confessions you don’t always want to admit. Like you like spending time to do VoluntEars, or you like going to Give Kids the World Village, you go back to Disney University to do more classes, You love Disney so much you want to spend time in the parks receiving the Disney magic just like guests. I loved my time and I miss Disney Every day, Read here on why I’ve never returned.

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