The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

One wintery feeling Saturday I woke up early like a work morning to head to Chessington World of Adventure. For weeks before my oldest nephew Josh kept saying he wanted to go do The Gruffalo ride. Sarah asked me Dad and Michelle to join them on this mini adventure.

On arrival I knew there would be a que. As we moved along the snake style que there was pictures and some games to keep the kids happy. I liked the flap game the best as Josh could tell me all the animals. 
I worked in Disney and forgot how crazy queing for kids rides can be. The time rose to 70mins when we were half way round our 25mins wait.

Before you enter the ride itself they have a photo opportunity. As a group we opred out of this. Went straight into the ride where you enter a dark entrance. You have to walk over a bridge to join the moving boats..

Entering into the ride you see the words of The Gruffalo above you. The ride throughout is colourful with moving figures telling the story of Mouse’s stiry through the deep dark wood. There is bright lights and projection screens throughout. The ride was dark in some places which did spook Josh at one point.

The boat also goes fast and finally reaches a hill where you speed down and get a surprise photo taken. All of our heads were not facing the right way. You enter a water tunnel which wet my straightened hair. Not impressed.

Going around the ride Josh was quite unsure but he was reassured and wanted to go back through it again. I think for me is a success. Eoin kept saying bye to the mouse anytime he saw him. That was very cute 

After you come off the ride you enter into the gift shop. I was disapointed as it said on the website exclusive The Gruffalo products. I couldn’t see anything better then what you can get in Sainsburys.

After leaving the gift shop we headed to The Gruffalo arena where you can sit and watch the film and meet the Gruffalo himself. If not there is a giant plastic version for us big and small kids.

Overall I had a fab say and loved spending time with Josh and Eoin and get to go their first theme park ride with them.

To any The Gruffalo fans out there the ride is fun. It did surprise me with the darkness. Both the boys were fine with a bit of reassurance from their mum and dad. The moving characters and book scene were fab and the details were amazing. The little watter tunnel wasn’t perfect on a wintery cold day but on a hot summer day it be prefect.

If you get the opportunity to meet The Gruffalo, just do it, he’s so loveable.

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