My mental health story: Do I have a right?

I’m 30 years old. I have the right to vote, to buy a car and legally drive it, to marry someone and even to bring another human into this world. When it comes to talking about my own mental health story Do I have a right?

Starting my blog I said I wanted to express my own thoughts and feeling about the world. Well my world has changed in a week. This is due to my own diagnosis changing and being a bit more official. In 2010, a sign fell on my head and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012. I have been on and off depression medication for a long time. In 2016 I finally took it serious and in 2017 my diagnosis has changed, literally last week. Please forgive me, as I’m not there yet to share to the world what this is. This is why it has me thinking Do I have a right to talk about this and be an advocate to mental health.

Recently my diagnosis has changed, I turned to social media, specifically the blogging and YouTube world. I found some interesting bloggers including Claduia Boleyn who speaks openly about mental health an the stigma around it. Like others like her they talk about the stigma and the day to day routine of living with this.

I spoke to family and said I wasn’t worried about living with the diagnosis but about the stigma against it. I am worried about this, how future people will take knowing this about me, people who see me day-to-day and people who have known me for years. They said I shouldn’t worry about the stigma, as mental health is taken seriously. We’ve just come out of mental health awareness week. We see Prince William and Harry and Kate talking about it and supporting this. Even William coming out saying he has had his own mental health issues.

Just like voting, driving a car, buying a lottery ticket or buying alcohol or someday marrying. I do have a right to be an advocate about mental health. I think for my blog, I am going to be an advocate about this and speaking about my own mental health story. I think talking about it, is going to help me.

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