My mental health story: How baking could help me just like Mary Berry

I said in my last post that my diagnosis has changed for me. It has made me think who I am and what I am and how I fit into this world. Even though I am coming to turns, I know I have up and down days and they’re not going to go away. I have to be able to put in coping mechanisms for my life.

Baking (& cooking) for me has always been there, I find it’s therapeutic and helps distract me from what’s going on. After thinking this I did some research and found that psychologists say that “baking distracts the mind from everyday life and acts as a method of mindfulness, relieving stress in the process. Unless it goes wrong, of course.” As I feel like I am the only one battling this, I wanted to see if baking can have a positive effect on others around us.

The famous Mary Berry says “If you’re feeling a little bit down, a bit of kneading helps” she goes onto say that when she’s had down days baking has helped her, combining ingredients to make someone smile. I agree with her, baking might be for a special occasion, a new recipe you want to try or just a spontaneous action. It all ends with people smiling.

Baking hasn’t just helped the famous Mary Berry but also others in the same profession. A lady called Britt Whyatt’s who is the face of She Who Bakes, the blog and Vlolog channel admitted going through depression baking helped her and still helps her today. Today she is a respected baker winning awards for her blog, her bakes and her courage. She inspires other writing about her own story.

The movie Julie and Julia shows how a 30 year old woman brings excitement into her life by cooking her way through Julia Child’s cookbook. I recently read about a mother who felt overwhelmed by birth of a baby and cooked her way through Mary Berry’s cookbook. The thought of doing this frightens me, let alone inspire me.

I read that the cookbook Saved by Cake by Marian Keyes was written because when she wants (still battling through this) to kill herself she cooks cupcakes instead. Her cook book not only gives you ideas of what to bake but explains her as well. John Whaite a winner from BBCs The Great British Bake Off has admitted he has suffered with depression and has overcome it by baking too.

As some of these have turned this into a business, I am most inspired by the bake shop The Depressed Cake Shop. This cake shop is ran by people who have depressions and their cakes reflect it with grey colors. This pop-up shop has become more popular by five more openings happen over the UK.

Image result for the depressed cake shop

For me I know my story is just starting and maybe I will not need to bake, but it’s nice to know that baking does help and it can help relax you. I think everyone has to find their own coping mechanisms. Maybe I could be the next mental health sufferer finding success through their love of baking!

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