Restaurant Review: Bella Italia, Windsor

I went to Bella Italia, with six others for lunch to celebrate a very special lady 60th birthday. Bella Italia is one of her favorite restaurants to go to. It is located inside the Royal Arcade in Windsor, just off the main high street. It’s not a restaurant I have been to during my time working in Windsor. I was interested in going as I’ve not been in this chain since my university days.

The restaurant is large with two seating areas covering 60 tables. The Italian restaurant offers a wide range of dishes on the menu, from pasta and pizza to fish and steak. It has open tables and has large open spaces.

Image result for bella italia windsor

The waitress was attentive and looked very tired, she offered us table water and drinks for us. Then took our orders from us including calamari, piadina (flatbread), spaghetti and meatballs and carbonara.

A Piadina is a folded flatbread with chicken, roasted peppers and goats cheese served with crispy chips. The middle was gooey and filled very full with chicken and roasted peppers. I did have food jealousy over this dish and would choose if I decided to go back.

The meatballs and spaghetti had tasty meatballs, in a tomato sauce with cooked spaghetti. I was told that this was a favorite, it looked delicious. I don’t normally order pasta when eating out but this might have changed my mind.

I decided to go for the pollo pesto pizza, as this sounded delicious with melting mozarella, pesto and chicken on a light pizza crust. The pizza is very indulgent and rich with the cheese. However the crust was very hard around the edges but the middle has soft middle and goes very well with the pesto and chicken.

Bella Italia Watford - Pollo Pesto Pizza

The waitress we have was attentive and looked very tired and run of her feet. She had a really good knowledge of the menu, making recommendations for eats and drinks, which always goes down well with me. The meal was reasonably priced and was the same value as Pizza Express or others.

Having this lunch means I would consider about going back and think about it in consideration. For me I love Pizza, this pollo pesto was delicious and a step up from Dr Orteka Ristorante I normally purchase. I am looking forward to the next visit.

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