A wander around Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is set in the Oxfordshire countryside which is a historic house and gardens. This beautiful stately home is set down a long drive way and surrounded by green grass fields and a gorgeous setting.

This stately house was the childhood home of Winston Churchill and throughout the home you see his artwork, his memorabilia throughout the house. Recently their main exhibition is Churchill Exhibition. You also see the current residence the 12th Duke of Malborough living their with his family.


Entering the place you come in from the courtyard which has a farm shop, gift shop and a small cafe where you can eat outside. You also see the room on which you can have your wedding or event at. There are staff members who do tours about the house and share stories of the staff members.

What I love about the entire house is the family pictures you see and how they’ve made this place a home. I know most stately home do this, but its a touch which I love. It truly represents how the other half live.


The estate isn’t just home to the Duke of Malborough’s family, but to others due to they have apartments of which they rent out or buy. You can take additional tours which you can view these rooms, but they were booked when we went.

When you walk into the main doors, you are surrounded by marble, floors and staircases. It’s spectacular beautiful and grand. Above you they have a painting on the ceiling, it’s not until you go around and go up a height and see how stunning it is. I found out it was hand painted the time and effort of doing it would have been a long time.


Next you enter into History of Blenheim. This was one of the weirdest things as it has electronic puppets and looked weird. very strange exhibit but it did tell the story of the palace. How it worked not just upstairs but downstairs too.


You then make your way into the Churchill Exhibition and see posters, where he was born and mock up of rooms he lived in and his childhood. You then see quotes, pictures of when he enlisted into the army and then when he married and was the prime minster. I’m a big Churchill fan which I’ve explained before. Seeing where he lived as a young boy was amazing.


Leaving the Churchill exhibition you then see stately rooms including a dining room, sitting room and a office as well. Each room has grand tapestry and paintings and ornaments on the wall. Each room had a steward who was on hand to answer any questions you had.


Blenheim at War where you go through the long library which makes Highclere Castle’s look relatively small. This long room was full of interesting facts of how Blenheim survived during the war including becoming a convalescence home and the nurses which served the home. When walking along this room you then get to a large organ at the end and a music room.


You then exit this long room and walk down an outdoor corridor overlooking the courtyard. Entering their own church down some small steps which takes you down to a large white marble statue and a pulpit. Exiting the church you then go downstairs into the staff quarters and follow this out to the garden areas.


Image result for blenheim palace staff area

On exiting the house itself, we made it to the champagne bar and the water terrace. Now I do try to live by the phrase When in Rome, however at £8 for a small glass, I decided to not opt for a glass of champagne. Instead we got a bottle of water and headed for the gardens.

Image result for blenheim palace champagne bar

Making out way outside you see the raised beds, water features and statues which is stunning. You can then make you way around the outskirts and you can make your way down the path to look back at the house.

Related image

Image result for blenheim palace garden

Leaving Blenheim via the Gift Shop we learnt that you could go to see where Churchill was buried as it was close by. Being a fan of this great man, I had to go pay my respects. He was laid to rest in St Martins Church, which is located up a hill in a small village called Bladon. Going through the church gates, you see his name in white crisp letters on his tombstone. The church is very small, but had open doors and welcomed all, I lit a candle, made a donation looked at pictures they had and left. It was a surprise you could enter the church in this era, but I appreciated it so I could pay my respects.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor

I would fully recommend a visit to Blenheim Palace as it’s gorgeous setting and a spectacular surroundings. I think for me I would definitely go back given the opportunity.


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