Highclere County Show

One very sunny Sunday morning I made the ride to Highclere Castle to attend their County Show. This was advertised on their website, you can pre-buy tickets. It’s a two day event over a busy bank holiday. It does have pre-buy but you can buy on the door too. Spotting this I decided to go and lucky for me I wasn’t alone….

The county show is set in the grounds of Highclere Castle grounds. It’s south of the castle, and you park on the grass near by, when you drive out you see the beauty of it. I love it there, it’s one of my favorite spots in the UK. (Read about my visit here.)

Arriving into the grounds, you go through security to get in, a bag check and a friendly nod of the staff. You then walk down the hill, where they have air rifle displays and displays of dogs running away for fake rabbits. As you go further down the hill, there is more guns and rifle stalls to choose from. You then enter the main area, where it as filled with stalls. The best one was the Chinese stall just for the outside.

From there I made my round the stalls. I came across, a cage bird society, who had a variety of birds on display. Had rosettes on display for awards which they hosted the day before. The gentleman talking to me was very enthustiastic especially about the conservation and encouraging others to take part. I did feel sorry for him, so I donated and moved on.

Passing more stalls like a pet photography studio, a wooden walking sticks, animals made out of wood, very expensive ear plugs, massage aids and much more. Towards the back, there was large tents and we decided to head there.

The craft marquee had jewelry, bags, scarfs, door hangers, cards and papercrafts and much more. For me I enjoyed this tent as I liked the homemade crafts and cards you could buy. the jewelry was unique too. I know that it was a county show, but to be fair a lot of the animal style ones. There was a deer cushion, I wanted to buy but for £45 I resisted. Although I resisted this, I didn’t resist a new necklace.

Moving on from there and getting rather nibbly, we moved our way on to the food tent. For sausage, gin testing, venison burgers and sausages, ice cream, cake, cheese and fudge. The stalls has the same old, Snowdonia cheese, a local gin company (Pinkster I think it was?), meat stalls not selling much game. I did ask, but they didn’t cater for two days. I decided on a bacon sandwich, as it was off the grill and it was delicious. It was one of them that the bacon melted the butter in the bun. We decided to go outside, have a seat and listen to some live music.

The place was packed, but it had such a nice atmosphere with family and kids running around. The live music was great, as it was folk and felt very applicable. There was more food stalls including a wing shack and beer stalls. As it was before lunch and I was driving I decided to opt out.

We moved on seeing more stalls like clothing and things for shooting and hunting or farm life. I did enjoy seeing them, but the craft and food stalls were more for me. Gifts and crafts stall additionally was extremely full. I did manage to get a new coaster for 50p for my desk!

Other bits were there was a dog agility course and seeing a beagle, did make me giggle. This was free for all as they were trying to promote their dog healthcare. The other one was seeing young children try and their parents getting annoyed. I did end up watching this for most of my day. I honestly would recommend it. If you do go and have a dog, I would heck out the healthy dog food stalls.

Another one, which I’m not a fan of was a ferret racing area. I’m not a fan of ferrets at all, them and pink flamingos I am not a fan of. The kids around it were loving it.

What I did love was the duck area with lots of different types to choose from. I liked learning about the breeds and seeing the difference in them. They had ones which they were selling at the back, which I was gutted not to buy. One day.

I had a wonderful time at the county show going around meeting and talking to people. Visiting the different stalls. Learning new things about gun holding and rifles and dogs who hunt. It did have a very mixed range of stalls, I did enjoy that. I think the clothing stalls for anyone who hunts or works on a farm was impressive. I didn’t buy anything for me, but got something as a present. Same for the food and craft stalls. I would say to the sausage guy to cater game for both days and not just the first day. I would definitely go again and looking forward to next year already.

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