5 things that really annoy me!

Everyone has their own things which annoy them. It could be a small little thing someone does. Or something big a lot of people do. So instead of bottling it up, I thought I would share and tell you all.

One. I hate it when your stood at a cash register and someone directly stands behind you. I hate it because I feel uncomfortable. I hate it because I feel like their coming into my own personal space. I hate it because I feel like they want to spy on my pin number, see how much money is in my purse and what’s in my handbag or new purchases.

Two. Invisable illness. This is one of those things that will irritate me for the rest of my life. Some days i just want to curl up and not talk to anyone. Some days I find it so hard to even walk downstairs let alone function like a normal person. I get myself into a panic and it awakens me all night. I get anxious being in a social surrounding I know I onve was fine with. I wish at times I had a limb cut off so people would have that visual awareness of my illness. Like I said I just have to take it day by day and not get stressed.

Three. People who take up two parking spaces. I honestly don’t understand why people do this? I often thought it was parents unable to get a parent / child space. Having a drink with someone, he admitted he did this as he didn’t want any scratches etc on his car. I can understand if it’s a parent trying to get their kids in and out. People who do this not to scratch their cars is ridiculous.

Four. People who underestimate me. I asked someone how there weekend was and they replied that they managed a tote. He then said that’s not a bag and I should google what it means. I honestly wanted to say something back to him. However I didn’t and thought to myself why waste my breath. You honestly think I am some thick idiot. Not the persom who I really am. Even though I explain this to you A LOT and other’s around you. One day I will prove to the world who I am and what I’m good at…. Not let idiots just walk over me.

Five. People who judge me of what I put in my mouth. Okay, yes I agree not everything I put in my mouth is right. The all butter crossiant or the greasy meatbull sub or a malteaser bunny. Yes I know this. Sometimes you give in. My step mother dished up some profiteroles. I had three. When I went back for seconds she showed a picture of a fat person and said this is what will happen if you eat another profiteroles. After she said it, I felt 100% uncomfortable going back for one more. I know profiteroles isn’t the heaviest but there was 100% no need for the comment. Seriously don’t know how I didn’t bite back…. So rude!

So here are my five things which currently annoy me. I wonder if you share the same things? Either way I’m glad I shared and thanks for reading it.

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