Sweet Selfie!

I attended the Allergy and Free From Show at Olympia London. Though I wrote a separate blog about the show (read here) I wanted to share an experience I loved. Walking around, towards the back of the show there was sweets stall, but with a difference.

The 3D Magic Candy Company, allow you to take selfies and have it made out of sweets. Now if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know I love a good selfie. So been able to get the opportunity was perfect.

When arriving at the stall, I was told about the process and the cost would be £5. The sales guy (who honestly looked like Richard Hammond), helped me to take the selfie / photo and advise me on what they need.

After taking it, we uploaded it to a website where they take your photo and make a proof of what it will look like. Once you view the proof and happy, you can then choose your flavor. I chose the strawberry flavor with added glitter on top. Other flavor included mango and blackcurrant. I was told that it will last to eat for six month, but will last to display longer as long as you don’t eat it.

After it was all uploaded it was time to watch it be produced….

I’m so happy with my final product of my sweetie selfie. I have to admit I look pretty tasty. Though I am never going to try it. I’m chuffed about this. I have been spreading the word about the company and I would love to go ahead and see what else they could do.

If you get the opportunity to do it…. do it!!

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