The Allergy and Free From Show, Olympia London

At Olympia London I decided to attend the Allergy and Free From Show. I got a chance to have a free ticket to go to this event. I took the opportunity and went. Getting to Olympia London from Windsor was perfect and was easy to get there.

The show had arrange of foods which offered people the chance to taste wheat, gluten, nut and dairy free foods. Arriving in swiftly through a check with tickets, we were greeted by taste samplers. Throughout the show every exhibitor made people aware of who their food was suitable for.

The show had major food brands exhibiting including Schar, Warburtons New Bakehouse, Linda McCartney, Dream Milk, Trek, Koko, Nairns, Jim Jams and Heck. Then there was smaller name brands like nature kitchen, The Free From Fairy and Illumi and BFrom.

What I liked the best was Tesco brought a kitchen which kept serving free from foods to try. I’ve tried a majority of the foods, but I tasted ones like a blue style cheese, seeded bred, yoghurt and cake. I think for me the best find was a spin off Carl the Caterpillar free from cake. They also had their Tesco test kitchen, where you could book in and try new foods.


Another brand I loved trying was Oumph! which are a Sweedish brand who sell vegetarian food. They made a pulled oumph burger, which had a lot of flavor and taste. Though they didn’t sell the product here, it is available in the UK. So I am on the hunt to find it.


Pasta has always been an issue digesting it, I never choose to eat it. Finding out about the brand Explore who had black been flavor to try. It tasted amazing and had the same texture as normal spaghetti. I decided to get this and edamame beans flavor.


After walking around I decided to head to Schar to go get something to eat. They were offering free samples of chocolate chip buns, shortbread, breadsticks and lots more. They had a double decker style bus kitchen selling beef burgers and vegetarian hot dogs in free from foods.

I took my burger and headed to a food demonstration by Rosemary Shrager. I’ve seen Rosemary cook lots of times, I enjoy her enthusiasm she has for food and for life too. She always spends time with her fans taking selfies and meeting them.

I went for one last wander around the stalls, spied on Bob from Bob’s Red Mill. His gluten free book gives you some amazing recipes. As it was hot weather, I decided to stop for a gin and a sit down at the Fentimans bar, before heading back.

I had a fab day at the Allergy and Free From Food show in London. I think when it comes again next year, I will definitely be going again. I think for me I liked seeing new brands and be able to taste gluten free foods. Suffering with IBS I know I don’t tollerate gluten well in my digestive system. Knowing I wasn’t alone, there was lots of variety and new opportunities to try new food.

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