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Today, 18th July is a very important day for me. Today marks 10 years since I said goodbye to my family and embarked on my journey as a cast member to Walt Disney World.

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Instead of writing about my experience and how much I miss it. Let’s face it you can read that on my blog. I thought I would do the CRP (Cultural Representative Programme) tag.

1. How did you find out about the program?I knew about the program through my sister who originally wanted to apply for it. I looked it up on google and found yummyjobs who you apply for.

2. When did you apply for the program? I applied for the role in October 2006, and was offered a start date of July 2007. I could have started earlier and done their Autumn Magic program, but I had to finish my course at Middlesbrough College.

3. What did you enjoy most about the application process? I enjoyed meeting the people whom I interviewed with and learning about the process of working in Walt Disney World.

4. What did you find most difficult about the application process? I remember the day I got the interview, I had to keep calm walking into the headquarters and see a gigantic Mickey Mouse covered in rimestones and keep calm.

5. How stressful were you with your application? I found the program application not stressful. However a little trip to the US embassy to Northern Ireland 10 days before I flew out was a little stressful. That was my fault too.

6. When was your start date? Mine was perfect. As it was less than a month until my birthday and I got the hot summer months out the way. If I went back I think September would be a great time to start.

7. What was your preferred role? Merchandise, I did get to do food and beverage for 3 months, but never attractions or front of the parks! I enjoyed merchandise as you could sell the products, find out about it and I always hit the selling targets, so treats came available easy.

8. What 3 things did you enjoy during your program? There’s lots of things I enjoyed about my program. 1. I enjoyed volunteering (I did a sponsor bowl-a-thon, ice-cream party and visits to schools). 2. Going to Disney University classes like front of house and events (they helped me with my application to university) and 3. I enjoyed been in Disney. It was the year of making dreams come true, for me it was perfect.

9. What 3 things did you least looking enjoy about your program? 1. Being away from my family for a year! I saw my sister and dad, once and my mum twice! When I came back my life changed and my sister was dating the guy she would eventually marry. Having the distance didn’t help that at all. 2. Knowing that I’d have to eventually finish the program and return to reality. 3. Not having proper bacon and the food. When I came back all I wanted was smaller portions, bacon and cups of teas.

10. What did you do after your program? After my program I went straight to university. This really helped me especially getting jobs in customer service. I did think about doing another program but turned it down. I loved my year, it gave me great opportunities and I’m 100% sure it helped me today.

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