Talking to myself

My anxiety levels are currently going through the roof. I’m laid in bed having a conversation to myself saying….

Don’t go to sleep now you’ll only wake up in a couple of hours later stressed out you can’t sleep. Please stay awake you know its for the best. It means you won’t have vivid dreams that wake you up in hot flushes.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I was going to write how many times it’s happened but to be fair I don’t actually know the answer. It’s a regular occurrence in my life. It’s all down to stress and worry.

Okay so what’s to stress about in my life. I’ve got a job, one which i like, well 97% of the time. Not all jobs are perfect, I’ve learnt that the hard way.

I’ve got a family around me who are willing to suport me and back me up. They might not understand or think like me or have common interests. What family does?

I’ve got a roof over my head and food in my stomach.

I’ve got some amazing people who i can talk to about all of the above.

So what’s to worry?

Well you would think nothing but actually all of the above does.

I’m an anxious person every little thing in my life makes me worried. I constantly think about others and how they think and not on how i think.

Knowing this is happening. I have found coping mechanisms to help me along the way.

1. Distract your mind. I find keeping busy helps me a lot. When I’m bored or not doing something productive it gets worse.

2. Think postiveley. Having positivity helps. Whether its people in real life or movies it helps. I personally find finding out about someone else helps.

3. Food and Drink. So I know people say alcohol is wrong and so are some foods. Yes I get this to an extent, thinking about this I had cheese and red wine last night. I also think if you have food which makes you feel better within it’s fine.

4. Calming exercises. I downloaded the app Calm.ages ago. It really helps. It alerts me twice a day to breathe, has relaxing music and tips to share. Even taking few mins out of my day hiding in the loo or a meeting room breathing really helps.

5. Remeber where you’ve come from. I constantly have to remind myself of where I have come from to move forward.

As I still lay here on my bed thinking. I know for sure that I’m okay. I can start to calm down and relax and everything’s okay.

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