I’m not a “Perfect” blogger and that’s okay!

This isn’t a pitty blog and feel sorry about me kinda blog. More to explain why I am not the perfect blogger. Sort of an apology to you my reader (whoever you are) and to explain why I may not post everyday. and why I struggle to blog.

The first reason why I am not the perfect blogger is because I was born to be real and not perfect. Believe me I am not perfect. I would love to be practically perfect but I am not. I am real. I have mental health problems. I struggle to get through the day let alone a blog or a simple tweet.

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Some days I don’t feel like writing a blog. Those days, I don’t post. I know that we have Hootsuite where you can schedule tweets, or you repost old blogs. For me even that I don’t do. Although I really should. It’s really hard to and it’s only when I come out the other side. For me know I will never be like the bloggers I look up to. Bloggers like Sprinkle of Chatter, Hannah Gale, Charlotte Ruff, She Who Bakes and Zoella. I know they are full time bloggers and don’t hold down a full time job. They may have their own problems but they don’t allow it to affect them. I shouldn’t judge my life and compare it to their’s. Too much pressure is put on bloggers to be like them with views, likes, and followers, but for me it’s not about that. It’s about writing what I think and for the fun of things.

So here it is, I am not perfect. I do not live in a perfect world. I have mental health problems. I have faults. When I don’t take tablets I don’t blog. I have weaknesses and don’t think ahead to schedule blogs. I want to become that perfect blogger, but not like the full time bloggers but a perfect blogger who I think that is.

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