5 things I would tell my younger self

Growing up is definitely a trick. You think when you’re younger people you are, the age you are now are adults. When in true fact they’re not really. Being an adult means spending a lot of time on Google.

I thought I would share my own, say the truth, the whole truth. May it help me and my own self-therapy I am going through.

Friends will come and go. Age 16, I just left school entered into college for the first time and changed friends. I knew I had friends, but didn’t know who were the right ones. Lots from that time I’m still friends with today. Some have come into my life, made memories and have now left. So to my younger self, don’t be afraid of this happening, if there meant to stay they will stay.

Follow your gut reaction. Lesson I’m still learning today. I’ve often had to follow my gut to steer me down my next path. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. So to my younger self, follow your gut, don’t be afraid of what others think.

Don’t listen to others around you. Another one I am still learning today. People often influence me, at times make me change my mind over something I believe in. Stick up for yourself on something you believe in or something you think is right. Throughout my life, I’ve allowed others to influence me or make me change my own mind. I shouldn’t allow this. Something I am determined to work on more for myself. So to my younger self, don’t listen to others around you and don’t be easily influenced. Listen to people you can trust.

Don’t be stupid with what you have. There’s been lots of times where I’ve been in a situation and been stupid with my time. Not taken every opportunity. I would even go to say I took the easy way out. So to my younger self, every step you take your taking it for a reason, but don’t take it for granted and take every opportunity.

Some people will throw you under the bus. Growing up, I often took a child like view on life wanting to see the good in all people and all situations. As I’ve got older I’ve realised this is a child like view of the world. You’ve got to be able to hold your own. Don’t be ignorant or rude, just watch your back. People you think are “canny” in front of you always turn out to be the bitch you didn’t think they could be. So to my younger self, try and learn this lesson as quickly as you can because it’s the key to being an adult.


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