Theatre Review: The Best Man

It was my birthday last month, for it, I asked my dad if we could go to the theatre in Windsor to watch The Best Man.

The Best Man is about two opposing presidential party candidates are neck and neck in an unscrupulous battle for the nomination. They battle to get endorsement from the president whom they both need to win the election. Martin Shaw plays one of the candidates who is secretary of state and an american called Jeff Fahey plays the opposite new leader.

One surprise for me in the show was seeing Bridget Jones’s mum plays Mrs Gamadage helps both leaders wives. She’ll always be Bridget Jones’s mum but she played an excellent part, it was nice to see her live on stage.

The stage of the show was set out like a hotel room suite, which swapped into the separate rooms for each candidate.

I’ve seen lots of different plays, I liked this one, due to it was relevant with Trump vs Clinton and May vs Corbyn. Even though American politics for me is confusing, the story line was easy to follow with lots of jokes. I think for me I would go on and watch more like this

If you would like to go see this play it is currently in the London’s West End, at the Playhouse Theatre. Click this link for more details.


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