My view on marriage…

I thought I would talk about arrange marriages. In a lot of countries its seen as a norm like in Asia, Africa and India. This also happens in religion too like Mormons. Although this is typically where parents choose who there son or daughter marry. I wouldn’t like the thought of my parents choosing who I would marry. As I think they honestly couldn’t say what type of person I would go for.

However this is one way to marry without going through the traditional way of doing it. Another way is where you don’t meet your partner is married at first sight. Where you meet your spouse at the end of the aisle. In this I believe and would do it given the opportunity.

Like being matched having same interests, same personality and goals in life. Watching both the UK and US version they are clinically matched by professional psychologist, humanist, sociologist and a chaplin. Though the chaplin is not my favorite. I do like how they bring different opinion to it. Overall for this way I like the science behind it and how they do testing etc.

I think my view on marriage is yes I agree with marriage. I think

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