Legoland Windsor

I got invited to go to Legoland Windsor for the day, with my two gorgeous nephews, sister and friends. I’ve never had a chance to visit, after visiting I definitely want to go back.

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Legoland Windsor, is about 15mins away from Windsor town centre. As you drive in you see the hotel and then you take a long drive up to Windsor to the entrance itself with a large car park area.

As you walk through the gates, past the shops and down a steep hill. You enter into a huge model village. Models of different places in the UK and in Europe too. My favorite was having a little part of the North of England with the Angel of the North. I loved the Buckingham Palace too. I feel like when the boys get older they would love this as much as I did.



We wandered through to Duplo Village. Duplo area was perfect for Josh an Eoin as it was a big play park with slides climbing frames, cars etc. It was bright and colorful but only disappointment was it needed more staff due to bigger kids been unruly. It had a helicopter ride, where you go up and down and spin around, a train ride going around in circles. Fairytale Brook, a river ride around seeing characters from the classic fairy tale books. Favorite has to be the seven dwarfs!

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We then headed to Lego City area where there was nothing really suitable for both my nephews. Lego driving school, for kids 3+ years, Cooastguard HQ and a massive  fire ride, which we watched families battle to put out a fire. I honestly cannot wait until the boys are older and we can have a go. A balloon ride with a 50 minute wait. It was a quick hello to Emmett the Lego man and a quick pit stop for lunch. There is lots of food venues to choose from including hot dogs and burgers and drinks like coffees and fountain drinks. If your on a tight budget there’s lots of places to have a picnic.

Heartlake City is the home to the cast of Lego Friends. It’s a bright colorful area, we didn’t spend a lot of time there. I would love to go back, as when working for a toy company I got to know it. However we got to see the Lego Friends characters perform and sing.  It was a lot of fun, Disney like, made me think how popular this is with all the kids watching.

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As it was raining and my nephews were restless, we decided to head home and not go on further. My nephews are very young, they did really well, but it was wet, there wasn’t anything really there for them. Like I said I am looking forward to heading back once they are older. They can understand it more, get into wanting to build Lego.

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