Hello Autumn!

Summer has officially left us, not that I think it ever arrived. Is it me or does it feel like we’ve not had a summer? I’ve not been lucky this year to get out of the UK. I definitely don’t feel like a summer has arrived. I am really pleased summer is over. I do like this time as it’s all about my birthday, able to spend time in the beer garden, spend time in the fresh air and excuses to eat lots of ice cream.

Now summer is over I am ready for Autumn to begin. I thought I would share my favorite things about autumn……

PSL Pumpkin Spice Latte. PSL is my favorite coffee to drink at this time of year. Every year 1st September rolls around I go straight to Starbucks to buy the first one. I get addicted to it every year, as it is high in sugar I do try to calm it down.

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Autumn clothing. I love autumn colors like green, purple, orange and yellow. I always love that the clothing gets warmer and the colors get richer. I’ve just bought some Disney sweaters from Primark and I cannot wait to start wearing them!

Autumn Leaves. Like when the snow falls, the leaves change colors. It’s like the whole world changes colors, finally falls in preparation for winter coming. Nothing beats walking down a path in a pair of boots with autumn leaves scattered on the floor and been able to kick them.

Image result for autumn leaves boots

Autumn nights out. I love going to bonfires, watching fireworks, playing with sparklers and bobbing apples. I love the nostalgic approach of doing the same thing each year.

Pumpkins. Like tasting your favorite pumpkin spice latte, I love then having pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and figuring out how you can include it in a recipe. Everything in the shop is pumpkin, from candles to Oreos to soups and sprays. I love carving out a pumpkin, putting a tea light and letting the aroma set in.

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Here is a list of my favorite things I love about this time of year. Looking forward to trying new things this year too.

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