I love Quesadillas

I love love love Mexican food! In my eyes you can’t go wrong, burritos, fajitas, churros, chilli chocolate mousse, Mexican corn salad, chilli, tacos, enchiladas, I love them all.

Taking lunch in each day, can get predictable. Working in my last place, I found out a man took the same lunch everyday for 25 years. It was a cheese and pickle sandwich, an apple, a bag of ready salted crisps and a yogurt. Personally for me that would get boring, don’t get me wrong I like having repeats of lunches like, pastrami, cheese, tomato and mustard mayo.

Lately I have been trying new ideas, trying to be healthy and creative. Loving Mexican food, I made quesadilla and salad. Perfect for lunch and a great alternative to sandwiches. A great lunch ideas on the weekend too! I thought I would share some ideas.

BBQ Chicken. Spread BBQ sauce over the tortilla, put the chicken and pepper and grated mozzarella over top. It eally works and the bbq sauce makes it delicious and gooey with the cheese.

Avocado and Tomato. Mushed up avocado spread it over the tortilla, sprinkled with cherry tomatoes, spring onion and black pepper.

Sweet Potato, Apple and Goats Cheese. Cooking sweet mashed potato, I kept some spare and spread it over the tortilla. Slice the apple thinly, and spread over the mashed potato and add the goats cheese. I added cinnamon to the tortilla and it really works.

Sweet potato and black bean. This is an alternative sweet potato filling. Perfect for a quick alternative meatless meal. Mash the cooked sweet potato and spread over the wrap and add on the black beans. You can add onions, sweetcorn too to make it a more mexican style dip. Perfect to dip in chipolte sauce.

Sun dried Tomato and Avocado Chicken. Spread pesto over the tortilla, add the chicken and the sun dried tomato.

If you want a sweet treat in the afternoon, a Nutella and Strawberry flavor one is perfect. Spread the Nutella (more the better) and add chopped strawberries, put on the grill. Make sure you don’t burn the chocolate, don’t over pack the Nutella. Even though you really want to.

Image result for quesadilla nutella strawberries instagram

 Here are some suggestions. I love them all 

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