Foodie: Going veggie at lunchtime

You’ve heard the advice to have at least one vegetarian meal a week. Even Jamie Oliver’s Meat Free Monday. For me I love veggie food.. I often choose that option when eating out at lunchtime. In Windsor you are spoilt for choice on options and it makes it extra easy for this to happen. I would love to encourage you, to try and choose a vegetarian meals. I know some say that it doesn’t fill you up. For me it does and I feel less bloated. I’m not going to lie, if bacon is on the menu I honestly do choose this option first still.

Here are some of my veggie lunches I’ve had recently and have loved.

Spicy Tofu Noodles from Kokoro. Kokoro is my version of Itsu in Windsor. It sells hot and delicious rice and noodle dishes and an arrange of sushi, dumplings and the most delicious Miso soup. I even think it’s better then Yo Sushi! This spicy tofu dish is very hot and has a kick, but mixed with their vegetable noodles, it tastes so good. The tofu is cooked in cubes and not crumbled into bits. I think for me that makes it perfect as it has taste and flavor. Eight years ago whilst at university I discovered Aloe Vera Drink and I love it as an alternative to water. It does have some pulp in it, some people don’t like this. For me I love the peach flavor and the original to taste. It has a very refreshing taste.

Veggie Delite by Subway. When you say Subway, people normally think of two things, one it’s all processed foods and unhealthy and two it’s all about meat. Yes that is true. When I worked in Disney, subway was an option to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of the ones, I discovered was the veggie delite. For me it’s good, mix it in with crunch peppers, onions, cuccumber and chipolte sauce. It tastes amazing. 


Chana Chana Flatbread by Prett A Manager. Being a Northerner, I never knew or been into a Prett or understood it. However living in Windsor I have changed and it’s become a weekly visit. They do this flatbread that is filled with spicy chickpeas, mango compote, coconut yoghurt and salad. I do find it expensive, so it’s more a pay day treat lunch time.

Pret vegan flatbread

Rainbow Veg by Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer sandwiches are delicious and some of their favourite of mine include cheese and onion and the brie and grape delicious. This rainbow veg sandwhich is perfect. It’s light and colourful and the chilli gives it an extra cake. Their sandwiches are great and value for money.

Image result for vegan sandwich marks and spencer rainbow veg

New Yorker Veggie Sandwich by Pret. This sandwich is one of my favorites as I love the meat version with pastrami. This version is lighter with vegetables spice. I have had this sandwich with the vegetable tangine or curry soup and it works perfectly together.

Here are some ideas to help you chose your next veggie lunchtime meal. It’s perfect for when you want to feel like your helping the world by not eating meat. I would honestly go vegetarian and often chose the vegetarian version, however I love my bacon sandwiches so couldn’t go full time.


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