Why I’m glad we have Lady Gaga, JK Rowling, Morgan Freeman and Ant McPartlin in the world

I can sit here lying on my bed telling the world what it’s like to live with chronic pain and a mental health disorder. Telling you it can be tough, you have good days bad days, hyper days and manic down days. For days on end it can feel like being trapped in a body you don’t want and head you would swap in a heartbeat. Your body goes through dramatic change throughout the day, with fatigue and pain, your mood can shift from up to down.

The simplest of pains can be the biggest pain you can ever experience. When I type, I do it a lot, I get a shooting pain through my index finger on my right side (yep I have it now!). My head can flicker from anger to upset in a flash of a moment.

Why am I telling you about this… will it make a difference? Make you think differently? Perhaps? I know deep down it won’t slightly…

For me I am pleased we have people in the world like Lady Gaga, JK Rowling Morgan Freeman and Ant McPartlain, these people can make a difference to having Fibromyalgia and living with mental health conditions. Not only are they inspiring in what they do day to day but even more now.

Lady Gaga is a world known singer, songwriter and actress born this way American. Her way forward is to live her life, to not let other people affect her mind. On the 12th September, Lady Gaga released the below tweet about her new documentary on Netflix. Not only has she spoke about Fibromyalgia and released this documentary, but saying she’s going to help raise awareness on Twitter is a big deal. You might know this but Lady Gaga is the 7th most followed user with 71 million followers. We may not know how big this will be but it will be big.

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JK Rowling, is one of the greatest authors, as she brought the world of Harry Potter and has created this home which will always welcome you home. It’s reported she has sold more than 500 million copies of her work. Who can really sit her and say they don’t know who or what Harry Potter is or read one of her books. To me JK Rowling created a world which you can escape to. I think this was done as she has openly admitted she has depression, understands sadness and numbness it brings with you. She has never been afraid to open up about this and how she dealt with it.

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I first got to know who Morgan Freeman was sat in a movie theatre in downtown Disney watching a film called The Bucket List. He was co-starring with Jack Nicholson about two men, battling the C word and completing their bucket list. From Skydiving, tattoos, racing a classic car and seeing a mountain. It pulled me in, got me inspired about my own Bucket List. However what you may not know is this actor, narrator battles with Fibromyalgia every day. When I was first diagnosed I read more and more about him. He says about not taking the joy from it – I plan for it not to not take the joy from my life.

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This one is the closest to my heart. I grew up in the same city, we speak the same language, I grew up watching him on TV, danced to his songs little and even now, watched him and his duo Dec live on Saturday nights. Of course it’s the very handsome Ant McPartlin. June this year, he opened up and confessed that he had a chronic pain in his knee, resulting in abusing drugs and alcohol, anxiety and depression. I know what me and Ant is going through is world’s apart but I respect he opened up and talking about this stigma.

Four very different people. They maybe actors, singers, writers or TV personality, they all have a story and all going through their own battle. One thing I respect is they talk about there problems and not hold it in.

I might not be able to make such an impact as these four people, but what I do, I will be very proud. Chronic Illness or Mental Health needs talking about and I’m all for it.

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