Stackers: Grey Cone

New to this blogging world, I went to my first blogging event in London. I got talking to a company called Stackers, the lady was lovely, she was enthusiastic about the company.

Stackers make unique storage in arrange of shapes and sizes. Since coming home and looking at their website, thinking it was just for jewelry, but they do products for makeup and technology too. All the colors they use is neutral tones with lots of nudes, blushes, greys and white marble which are all colors I love. I was kindly gifted a Grey Cone. It’s made out of marble and is heavy.

I own a Pandora bracelet and I love it (read here), but I always feel like I break it when it’s not on a jewelry stand. This grey cone is perfect as it’s wide enough to hold and it keeps it in the same place.

Image result for stackers jewellery grey cone

The main thing I like about it is it just doesn’t have a hold place for bracelets but for both rings and earrings. They can come apart be two separate items. For me that is perfect as it gives me two bits of storage.

I’m really happy with this item I picked up and would like to thank Stackers for gifting it to me. As they cost £19.99 on their website or in John Lewis or on Notonthehighstreet, I would honestly think about giving it as a gift this Christmas.

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