A policeman, a guy playing the tuba and a stranger

I was in London, decided to go for a walk down the banks of the River Thames. I decided to get off at London Bridge, go see the bridge and follow the Thames path. However what I didn’t plan or wanted to encounter time spent with the police.

As I walked down the famous Thames paths, passing art gallery, ships, pubs etc. There was a crowd of people watching a man playing the tuba. There was a lot more water and people hanging around an entrance way. I stopped and watched the musician.

Afterwards I decided to move on, what I didn’t encounter was the pathway been flooded, the Thames tide had come in. If you follow me on Instagram (follow me here) you would have seen me post this boomerang, see below. It was taken under Blackfriars bridge, where the trains cross.

As I saw people walking down I decided to give it ago. I did two steps, thought nope this isn’t for me, decided to turn back and stepped off. A gentleman came up to me and said about climbing across and he would take my bags. I said no, started to walk away, he kept insisting to help. Lucky for me a policeman was close by. He stopped asked me if I was okay. I replied No and I was shook up.

We walked away to  the entrance of the station, where his friend spoke to the guy talking to me. He talked to me reassured me I was okay. However I hyperventilated, started to hear the panic in my voice kick in, the tremble through my fingers, if I had a mirror the look I recognise easily. This kind policeman encouraged me to stay calm and started walking and talking and telling me jokes. He lightened my mood and my head, I was very much relieved. He asked me what I had done, when I said I had been to a food fair, taken selfies with some stars, he joked and said let’s take one too. He made me laugh and said if I felt scared again being in London and alone, to go to the police and they’ll help.

As a single woman, I’m often scared by the things and people around me, have social anxiety and can’t deal with crowds. But on this day, I was reassured and kept me calm in a horrible situation.

Thank you to the policeman who stopped and helped me. To reassuring me we are a great city, to keeping me calm and moving me on, for that I got home and ended my day on a high.

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