Going into Autumn

My favorite time of the year has officially began. The nights are shorter and darker. The cold air is all the time and the leaves of changing. The time has come to wear more jumpers, trousers etc. Transitioning your wadrobe from summer to autumn can be a tough one. If you wish to not spend money and make a new entire wadrobe. However there are pieces in mine, that I will reuse so thought I would share.

Knitwear – I love summer but for me I cannot wait to get back into my jumpers, cardigan, turtlenecks which makes you feel all warm and snug. I love ths different textures snd fits too. You can change an outfit so quick. I hold my hands up I have bought (well used up a voucher I had) a new jumper this season. It was £9.99 and it’s mustard yellow color. My absolute favorite this time of year.

Boots – Boots to me are perfect. They keep you warm you can wear colourful socks and can instantly change an outfit from summer to Autumn. For me I live in boots and I have a few pair for different occasions, style and colour. Saying that people say I have the same pair and why? However their different one has a glitter side and the other a faux leather side. Maybe be similar but very diffferent.

 A new pair (honestly not making a new wardrobe!) is my brown boots my lovely big sister bought me.

Accessories – I have a draw full of scarfs and hats in different patterns, colours, length and material. In my head I have spring/summer ones and autumn/winter ones. My favourite autumn one is my blanket scarf I got from my mum as a well done you have a new job. I am blessed as she bought me a new hat. I have lots more too in grey and aubergine colour.

Dresses & Skirts – I have a wardrobe full dresses and skirts. Like my scarfs I have ones for summer and ones for the colder months. I like transitioning between the both. One I am looking forward to wearing again is my blue flower dress from Dorothy Perkins. I wore it for an event at Westminster Abbey.

My skirt I’m looking forward to wearing this TU clothing skirt. I’ve seen it recently in Marks & Spencer longer. I had it first –> read here.

The last thing I love about Autum wearing is…..

Glitter – Darker nights come in and your still going out whether it be to the pub, out to dinner or to the theatre I like to add a little sparkle. Some say it should be only at Christmas but for me its all year round. Whether it be my handbag, a glittter shrug or shoes…. Shoes is my main ones. I love them! My first pair was my gold sequin ones. I bought them to wear for my sister’s wedding, as they were more gold than silver I ended up with a silver pair. Two years ago my mum for Christmas bought me a lower gold pair I loved them. Last year for my friends wedding I went for the rose gold pair. Okay I had others but they were on sale and for Christmas my stepdad overheads me saying I wanted a black pair and he spotted these and got me them. I love them all, I do wear my gold sequin ones more this time of year.

Hope you enjoyed this read and taken something away from it. Just remember its cold outside so wrap up, reuse whats in your wardrobe and buu 

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