Cooking with Gousto & how it’s helping me with my mental health

When I wrote about Hello Fresh it was about trying new recipes and not having the same thing week in week out. Year on, I wrote a blog called How baking could help me just like Mary Berry talking about cooking and mental health how others I look up to use it their way. I’ve always found cooking a way to escape what was going around me. Recently I’ve been going down a spiral, however I have lost the urge to cook. I know I can, but the anxiety I battle with overcomes me. I’ve never been like this before, but now it scares me. If I don’t mentally push myself to do it, I will do myself more damage. I’ve been thinking about doing a recipe box again, when it came to Gousto been at the right time in the right moment, I opted in. I’m glad I did.

The Chicken Schnitzel was the first one I tried. This recipe was very simple and easy to make. Split the chicken breast into two pieces, cover with an egg, flour, panko breadcrumbs and fry off until golden brown, cook off in oven. Cook the bulgur wheat, fry off sweetcorn and combine with spring onion. Mix the chili jam and mayonnaise together. I liked the crispy of the panko breadcrumbs and the spicy chili jam sauce. I’ve had bulgur wheat before and wasn’t a fan, tho it kept me fuller the next day in work.

Japanese Hambugu beef, was the one I was most looking forward to. I love Japanese food. Cook of the rice, combine onions, panko crumbs, stock cube and mince together to make a burger. Cook it off, once cooked, with remaining some liquid to combine with Henderson’s relish and honey make a sauce. Cook of the spinach toss with the seasme oil and seeds. I personally think the brown rice goes well but I would prefer noodles, mixed in with the Henderson’s relish and serve the burger and spinach on top.


I love Mexican, Pork Tacos is a favorite. You cook of the mince, add in chipolte sauce and soy sauce. In two separate bowls, you add lettuce and pineapple and the other maynaise and mint. Wrap all of them together in a tortilla. This recipe is one I can imagine myself making over and over again. I would do it with turkey mince, as it might hold the flavor of the chipolte sauce more.



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