Halloween costume fails.

Halloween. A time to dress up. If you’ve seen the film mean girls, you will know this means that you dress with attitude and a bit sexy. However I have had some major Halloween Costume fails. I thought I would share to everyone else that it’s okay to fail at costumes.

Curella De Vil

Decided one year to go as Curella De Vil, I bought a belt, the gloves, and a cape for £16.99. I back combed my hair and tried to get it black and white like Cruella. Out of all of them I honestly think this is my number one fail. I look back now at the photos and cringe.


Ghost Pirate

Was going through a major Pirates of the Caribbean phase, decided to go as a  ghost pirate. I did my eyes really dark and wore a black dress and pirate sword. I liked it but not the real look I was going for. But it served a purpose and I had a lot of fun that night.


Freddie Kruger

I was going to a house party and decided to go as Freddie Kruger. I picked up the jumper from H&M, had the hat and ordered the glove from Amazon. When I got there, there was more young ones and explaining who he was, didn’t go down well. For me I loved this last minute costume, but I had the sexy girl in a jumper look then what I looked like.


Medical Doctor

The theme for this Halloween party was a medical night. I was living in Disney on their Cultural Rep Program and managed to get this medical jacket from Walmart. I splatted it with red paint and teamed it up with some black shorts. I thought I looked amazing, but like the scene from Mean Girls I didn’t get the sexy look message. Awkward!


Mad Hatter

The night was Alice gone wrong! I decided to go as the Mad Hatter. I have saved the best for last…. as you can tell, i had the hat, but didn’t have the right clothes…… Disaster!!


Here are some of my Halloween fails. Remember it’s not about the costume, its about the fun of the night. Whethere it’s a house party, a night out in a club or a themed party. To be fair I have had some great nights dressed up!

Hope you liked the blog….



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