Pumpkin Carving

I’ve always loved pumpkin carving. I’ve done it many of times with brownies and even hosted a pumpkin carving party at university. I love carving the head and getting the pulp out. The messs, the seeds and the smell. Then once thats all done its about deciding on your design. However it isn’t as simple as you think it should be.

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The first thing that normally goes wrong is the shop bought pumpkin carving kit like this one from Sainsburys (this is from last year, but they’re always around this time of year). They do look like to be great in true fact that they break. So just grab a sharper tool (a knife).

Once you’ve scooped out the flesh and put it in the bin. You then got to decide on the design. I normally search on Pinterest as their is lots to choose from. This can be tough as you want to go creative but could be a massive fail. When I’ve chosen my design I try to keep it simple and effective.

Remember to enjoy and have fun when designing your pumpkin. Here some I’ve done in the past. I love this time of year, and will probably be posting this years one on Instagram (don’t forget to follow me).


I made this one with the brownies, they loved it!


This scary one was made outside of my front door, to scare the trick and treats!


My first attempted pumpkin many years ago….


When you’re a party planner, doing lots of Halloween party the thought of sitting down been paid to do this is awesome!

Happy Pumpkin Carving, Enjoy and have fun, but be safe when using the tools!

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