9 Halloween movies to watch with your kids, nephews, nieces etc…

Every season we have, whether it be Valentines, Easter, Christmas or Summer there is a movie to watch. With Halloween happening this month there is no exception.

I hope to think when my nephews, now just toddlers, are older I am able to chill out and watch a movie. Bring out the popcorn, the sweets and settle back. I remember being younger and watching some of these classics, as I’ve got older, lots more have come out and I love them too.

The first one I truly remember sitting in the front room and watching is The Worst Witch. I remember choosing the book series by Jill Murphy and relating to the mis-troubled witch Mildred Hubble. What I didn’t realise until a few years back was Tim Curry, played the Grand Wizard but he’s the one from Home Alone and Rocky Horror.

Another book adaptation is The Witches, which is based on the best selling book by Roald Dahl. It’s all set in a seaside hotel, which was filmed in Brighton. The movie is about a little boy staying in a hotel and over hearing the Grand High Witch wanting to turn all children into mice.

A holiday season cannot be celebrated without watching a Disney movie. Lucky for us, we have The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus. Both classic Disney movies with both want to ruin something. The Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington who is bored of Halloween and wants to ruin Christmas and Hocus Pocus where three witches come back from the dead to cause havoc.  Not forgetting Haunted Mansion, but I do as I don’t like Eddie Murphy in it.

Fancy a classic movie double? We are in luck with The Adamm’s Family and Ghostbusters as both 1 & 2 and need recognition. These are both 90s classics. However in this era, we now have Hotel Transylvania 1&2 to watch. We can’t forget Coraline, Scooby Doo and Casper too.

I’m going to finish this blog and write about a Halloween movie short I love. Following on from the sad scene of when Andy left them with a little girl called Bonnie, Woody and Buzz feature in Toy Story That Time Forgot. I love this little short about them meeting the new dino toys.

Here’s my movie tops, to watch this Halloween. I hope when my nephew,’s get older, I am able to share these favorite classic movies.

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